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The department is well furnished with the latest technology machines to provide you with the best of service and care. Utmost care is taken while performing the blood transfusion procedure so that the blood-borne infections are prevented. The department provides safe leuko-depleted, Micro-particle Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) and Chemiluminescent Microparticle Immunoassay (CMIA) tested blood. The Blood Bank has equipped with Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) facility ensuring the safety of blood meant for transfusion. Blood utilisation is optimised by separating blood into its various components like red cell concentrate, platelet concentrate, fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitate. The aim of the department is to promote the use of various components to ensure optimum utilisation of blood and also to ensure that the patient receives the safest possible blood by testing for various markers.

The department consists of highly skilled professionals who understand the special needs of the patients and provide excellent care.

Blood centre of Health World Hospital is open 24×7 and provides round the clock services to support patients in need of blood component therapy, therapeutic phlebotomy and antibody screening.

The department is well equipped with the latest technological advances and most updated machines and consist of highly skilled & genuinely dedicated professionals to provide the best and safest service to the patient.

We collect blood from both voluntary and replacement donors using strict donor selection criteria.

We also arrange voluntary blood donation camp at regular intervals.

Following collection of whole blood various components are prepared and all blood units are tested for HIV 1&2, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Malaria, Syphilis using latest technology & most updated machines to ensure transfusion of the prepared blood/component remains as risk free as possible and also transfusion transmissible infections are prevented .

Services provided by Blood Centre:

1) Blood components i.e. concentrate RBC, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Platelet Concentrate, Cryoprecipitate.

2) Therapeutic phlebotomy for patient with Polycythaemia /Hemochromatosis

3) Exchange blood transfusion

4) Antibody screening

5) Transfusion reaction work up

Future plan: To start Plasmapheresis /Apheresis

Fulltime Doctors available in Blood and Transfusion Medicine Department

Visiting Doctors available in Blood and Transfusion Medicine Department

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Dr Devashis Mandal Consultant - Pathology cum Blood Bank
Blood Center