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Critical Care Medicine (CCM) is a specialty that involves the management of patients with life threatening, frequently complex, medical and surgical illnesses in a specialized unit named Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or Critical Care Unit(CCU).

A modern ICU/CCU represents the pinnacle of any hospital’s approach to highly technological & sophisticated in-patient care. The CCM physician, also called an Intensivist in some parts of the world, has expertise in the evaluation and management of these critically ill patients.

These critically ill patients may have dysfunction or failure of one or more vital organ systems. In the ICU procedures used to support and identify the cause of the critical illness include endotracheal intubation, central venous catheterization, arterial cannulation, pulmonary artery catheterization, bronchoscopy, lumbar puncture, thoracocentesis, paracentesis, chest tube thoracostomy, percutaneous tracheostomy etc. Specialists from anaesthesiology, general medicine or pulmonology can undergo further training in critical care medicine to become a CCM physician.

The Critical Care Department offers round the clock continuous care to patients in potentially life-threatening conditions, requiring life support system and other intensive medical interventions. The patients with dysfunction or failure of one or more organ systems, namely cardiac, pulmonary, neurological, hepatic, renal or haematological, are admitted to a Critical Care Unit (CCU). Our experienced multidisciplinary team provides state-of-the-art patient care with promptness and compassion. The team comprises of trained, efficient and skilled staff in critical care medicine.

Visiting Doctors available in Critical Care Medicine Department

Timetable to visit Doctors for Our Patients

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Dr. Arindam Kumar Hazra Consultant
Anesthesiologist, Critical care
Dr Brojen Choudhury Consultant
Anesthesiologist, Critical care
Dr. Ramprasad Gorai Consultant
Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine