Pain Management

Our pain management department is multidisciplinary involving various specialities and allied care services. Our pain specialist (Dr R Sahoo) is trained at the University of Toronto, Canada for Advanced Non-surgical Pain management interventions. In addition to that, Dr Sahoo is very well trained in Ultrasound and various image guide interventions for managing pain. Dr Sahoo is the only physician in India to have dual Ultrasound pain interventions degree from WIP & ASRA.

Besides that to aid the surgeons as well as a super speciality in itself – the Pain Management Department with Dr Rajinder Sahoo as the Senior consultant and mentor have already started creating ripples. Dr Sahoo is a pain management consultant trained in Canada and is a National proctor in ultrasound guided nerve therapies and Radiofrequency management of pain . Even in Kolkata and truly speaking in the country there are a handful of consultants who specializes in this upcoming specialty. So in a recently concluded workshop by the department in the hospital had delegates flowing in from the country as well as from the middle east and because of their special request and the unprecedented success of this workshop wherein we had to refuse more than 50 delegates to give special attention and hands on experience we had to make this workshop a regular feature every year henceforth. Due to this fabulous department patients can opt for painless surgeries at slightly premium price than routine. However the end results are really gratifying. Can you imagine a gall bladder removed or a knee replaced and you have minimal pain ? this helps our doctors to use minimal pain killers which are really harmful. The patients are removed from ventilator and are made to do respiratory physiotherapy and early mobilisation where post op recovery is far better than conventional surgeries.

Consultation & Interventional Pain Services are provided for a wide range of pain condition including Neck pain, back pain, sciatica, disc bulge, headache, Facial pain, trigeminal neuralgia, shoulder, hip, knee, joint pain, cancer pain, neuropathic pain, widespread body pain and many other musculo skeleton condition. Pain department provides a holistic & complete biopsychosocial model care for managing your pain.

Apart from medication & physiotherapy, our consultant provides various interventions like epidural injections, facet and sacroiliac joint injections, radiofrequency ablation, neurolytic sympathetic blocks, various joint and burse injection. All the interventions are done under Ultrasound and/or X-ray to ensure accuracy, safety & better efficiency.

Our goal is to make you feel happy, reduce your suffering and provide a good quality of life.

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