The department of Physiotherapy of Healthworld Hospitals has state of the art therapeutic equipments. Since the beginning of this hospital we have treated 100s of patients with mechanical low back pain, tendon and ligament injuries and other ailments. The rehabilitation wing of the department has helped people recover from a wide range of disabilitating diseases starting from stroke and spinal cord injury to post-covid lung fibrosis. Here we help recover from replacement arthroplasty and regain full function at the earliest. We also have a full-fledged practice of advanced physical therapeutic interventions which are a first in the district.

We have a Tie-up with Zimmer Medicine System, Germany. There is a state of the art Zimmer lab at par with any lab in the world.

We also have a Class 4 laser that provides an alternative to surgery as it causes tissue healing and analgesia. We have advanced electrotherapy devices which are used for neurological and orthopaedic diagnosis as well as therapeutic purposes. The MW Diathermy that we have causes deep heating of tissues which causes an increase in extensibility and also causes hyperemia which facilitates tissue healing. Integratively, they provide fast relief to pain and other debilitating issues.

Visiting Physiotherapist available in Physiotherapy Department

Timetable to visit Physiotherapist for Our Patients

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Mr. Rishav Shukla Physiotherapist
Ms. Prashasti Longia Physiotherapist
Rehabilitate Orthopedician
Mr. Govind Chandra Das Physiotherapist
Narendra Nath Roy Trainee Physiotherapist
Manisha Das Trainee Physiotherapist