We provide an integrated Mental Health service offering emotional help, guidance and treatment to people suffering from various mental illness and different type of addiction. We provide regular outpatient services, community and specialist mental health services.

The Department provides comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate psychiatric care to children, adolescents and adults. The focus is on providing psychiatric, psychological and behavioural health services for all age groups in a friendly and caring atmosphere. The care is customised to the patient’s needs using various modalities of treatment, which are usually on an outpatient basis.

Service includes counselling for persons with lifestyle disorders like hypertension, diabetes, about maintaining their diet, medication, physical activity and other aspects of self-care.

Our other services include –

  • Adult Services
  • Older adult services
  • Younger people’s services
  • Addictions services
  • Liaison services

The care for children includes evaluation and psycho-educational testing for learning disabilities which includes IQ tests, personality assessment, ADHD assessment and self-inventory scales. Children are evaluated for autism spectrum diseases and treated appropriately with a multipronged approach that includes counselling, behavioural therapy and medication.

Our dedicated,  specialist teams work closely with patients, their carers and families to put together a plan of care that suits each individual person and offers different types of support for the wellbeing of the individual.