HealthWorld Hospitals Academic Cell Paramedical Courses DIPLOMA IN CATH-LAB TECHNICIAN (DCLT)

Cath-Lab Technicians, also known as cardiac Catheterization technologists, are the professionals who work in the field of cardiovascular technology. Cath-Lab Technicians are trained to assist interventional cardiologists in performing diagnostic and therapeutic minimally invasive cardiac procedures with the help of cardiac and coronary imaging. The students will be trained to assist and accompany doctors during procedures such as coronary imaging, including angiography, IVUS, FFR etc., percutaneous coronary interventions(PCI), rotational atherectomy, peripheral angiography and interventions for structural heart disease. Students will also be able to interpret basic ECGs, ECHO,TMT reports and recognise cardiac arrhythmias.

After the successful completion of the course and internship, student will get the opportunity to be employed as Cath-Lab Technician or Cardiac Catheterization Technologists in hospitals, nursing homes, cardiac clinics, diagnostic centres and other concerned institutions. After acquiring experience for a few years, Cath-Lab Technicians can work as Application Specialists in medical equipment manufacturing companies.