HealthWorld Hospitals Academic Cell Paramedical Courses DIPLOMA IN CRITICAL CARE TECHNOLOGY (DCCT)

The Critical Care Technology is one of the most important courses amongst the allied health professional studies. The job as a critical care technologist is one of the most emotionally challenging careers in the medical field. They are the first responders at the time of emergencies.

The critical care technicians are trained professionals who respond quickly and competently to play a decisive role in case of medical emergencies. The problems/challenges a critical care technician is trained to respond to, includes diseases like sudden heart attack, fall, Road accident, gunshot wound, snake bite etc. These professionals are required to look after the patients in Emergency Wards and Intensive Care Units (ICU). They are responsible to monitor the patients regularly.

The critical care technologists have better medical knowledge that allows them to carry out advanced life-saving techniques. They also have a more comprehensive understanding of complex equipments, as they are well acquainted with use of ventilators, cardiac monitors and intracranial pressure monitoring devices.

Critical care technicians generally need to complete a formal education training programme and acquire a state licence before working in the field. They require training and licensing at one of the three levels: EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate or EMT-Paramedic. Each of these levels requires the completion of specific training courses.

Career Prospects:

There is a huge demand for skilled professionals in critical care technology in the health care industry. The hospitals and the nursing homes are in need of high numbers of critical care technologists in CCU,Medical ICU,Neonatal ICU,Paediatric ICU,Surgical ICU, Emergency dept., CTVS ICU, Gynaecology ICU,Neuro ICU and High Dependency Units. For dedicated and experienced professional there is always a scope of excellent career growth in this field.