Dr. Arpan Roy Chowdhury

HealthWorld Hospitals Chest Medicine Dr. Arpan Roy Chowdhury

Designation: Interactive Consultant

Degrees: MBBS, DTCD

Specialities: Pulmonologist

Dr.Arpan Roy Chowdhury passed his final MBBS examination from R.G.Kar Medical College in the year 1993.Then completed his D.T.C.D in Pulmonology from Medical College,Calcutta in 2000 and got his FCGP in 2017.

In the mean time he had done house staffship in the department of Paediatric medicine one year and General Medicine including Cardiology,ICCU,Critical Care,Pulmonology and Nephrology for three years.

He is an excellent clinician and loves to diagnose the disease prior to investigation.He is expert in Clinical Pulmonology,Geriatic Medicine,Family Medicine and General Medicine.

Has been Practicing Pulmonology and General Medicine for last 18 years in his own private clinic. Recently attached with Health World Hospitals.

He loves trekking,travelling and photography. Writing  travelogues is his passion. He is the author of four Travel Books, subject being from Bengal to Abroad. More than thousand travel photofeatures of him are published in almost all popular Bengali magazines.

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